Thursday, May 22, 2014


I am obsessed with everything Benefit Cosmetics these days. Most of the products I use everyday are Benefit. Now that they have just announced the "Real Fine Liner" I am sooo excited. And I just can't hide it. 
I have always struggled buying two products: mascara and eyeliner. Now that I have fallen in love with the "They're Real!" mascara, I don't have to deal with clumps and spider eyes. I am sure the eyeliner is a match made. Everyday I commit "eye-liner crimes" and practically burn my lids off with Q-tips trying to get the perfect lines! Any of you Benebabes going to try it as soon as it hits stores?!

Here is a look from the other day using these awesome Benefit products!

They're Real! Mascara
Benebrow Eyebrows
Fake Up Concealer
Benetint Cheeks (doesn't really show..oops)
Watts Up! Highlighter/Illuminator 
& I totally forgot to put lips on! haha! -C

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  1. Love Benefit cosmetics too! The look is so smart and chic, you are very pretty! Kisses to u and Jen! xo