Thursday, February 27, 2014

Mayhem~ "The 4-Year Old Fashionista"

I recently read a blog post about an extremely talented little girl and I just had to share her story. Angie an avid Instagram user and photographer and her four-year old daughter "Mayhem" (nickname from her mom) began making dresses out of paper and tape. Mayhem's designs which started out as fun and simple soon were re-creations of some of the most iconic celebrity dresses. Her mom says she hasn't slowed down on the dress making since it started. Mayhem models all her creations and they can be seen on Angie's Instagram account  - hashtag #fashionbymayhem 

Mayhem wearing Jennifer Lawrence's Golden Globe Awards dress.

Kimberly Perry's dress from the CMA Awards.

One of my favorites is 
Mayhem wearing Lupita Nyong'o Ralph Lauren Golden Globe dress. 

The Valentino dress that Katy Perry wore to the 2014 Grammy Awards. 

A Taylor Swift re-creation.

A Project Runway re-creation.

A Project Runway re-creation.

This is Mayhem's very first creation.

I love the coordinating eyeball headband! :-)

A touch of Minnie.

All white... love the headpiece!!

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