Monday, January 6, 2014

How About A Little Bling?


One of my favorite finds this year... Oh wait... last year (lol) were these great looking earrings by JoJo Loves You. I came across them at a local jewelry store and bought them as a stocking stuffer for my favorite daughter (haha)... actually only daughter! They look fantastic and really add a great finishing touch to any outfit. They are hand-made, stylish, have adorable packaging, won't break the bank and are made in Boston. Who doesn't need a little more bling in their life? 
**I am thinking one in every color?!?  ~J 

Light Pink Bling

 Limited Edition Sapphire Square Bling

Green Opal Party Bling

Hazel Cushion Cut Bling

Aqua Party Bling

Topaz With Pink Mini Bling

Emerald Cushion Cut Bling

Yellow & Clear Swarovski Crystal Fleur Bling

Capri Blue Mini Party Bling Round 

Blings in every color!
Photos courtesy of JoJo Loves You and Pinterest

Check out to get your own pair of blings!!

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