Saturday, September 28, 2013


I have been feeling lately like my hair is too long and I need a fun new way to put it up. Celebrity hairstylist Jonathan Hanousek crafted this gorgeous, vertical tri-bun on Maria Bello by first creating a tousled texture, using leave-in conditioner and a styling spray.
After Maria's hair was scrunched and dried, Hanousek sectioned it out, pulling her hair into three small, tight ponytails in a straight line. He says, "Next, take the top hair and loosely gather into the last ponytail. You want to keep height and texture on top." Hanousek proceeded to tie the first two ponytails together, criss-crossing the ends underneath, and fastening with bobby pins. Finally, he divided the hair of the last two ponytails, tied them into knots, and pinned them. It sounds like a complicated process, but really, it's just a series of knots — if you can handle one knot, we have faith that you can master this as well.  I love this updo and can't wait to try it on myself or Cassidy. It sounds easy enough but I bet it won't look anything like the picture! I will keep you posted after I try!  ~ Jennifer

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