Sunday, August 24, 2014

Polyvore and Wendy's

Hey friends~ it's been a while since I have written an actual post.  I am blaming it on my job!!  I have been super busy with work and summer.  I have been wanting to share these photos with you for some time.  About two months ago Cassidy and I had the pleasure of joining other bloggers and Polyvore at the Wendy's Strawberry Fields event.  The event was held at the Loft & Garden with great views of Manhattan. The beautiful Molly Sims spoke and shared her personal stories from favorite beauty products, accessories for summer and some great reads!  We had a great evening.  The weather cooperated and we were able to enjoy the new delicious strawberry fields salad and some ice-cold strawberry lemonade.  Thanks to Wendy's for sharing some fun flashdrives and generous gift cards!  I also want to thank Polyvore for the invite!  We had a great time!! xo ~ J

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  1. Must have been amazing, wish I was there too! Well done Jen, glad you took part in it! You girls look smashing together!:) Hugs my dear! xo