Thursday, March 6, 2014

Oh, Chanel

Chanel's Paris Fall-Winter 2014 show had it going on! The set was a grocery store with grocery items all having their own little Chanel flair. The models aka the most chic shoppers, all had neon eye liner and awesome ponytails with long ribbons and textures to go with their outfits. How fun is that!?
The items that stood out most to me were the bags: some were made as if the purses were packaged steak in plastic and styrofoam. Others carried purses in Chanel ribbon lined shopping baskets. For jewelry, one model had this huge Chanel lock and chain necklace, another with two smaller neon colored locks: awesome. And I can't forget about one of my favorite childhood accessories: rope candy necklace with little Chanel charms (can be seen closer on *Eva Chen's Instagram). 
Overall, I loved the idea and the execution of the show. Everyone looked like they had a blast... and I want to know if people got to take home set items! I wouldn't mind a little Chanel in my kitchen! -C
*Eva Chen is the Editor-In-Chief of Lucky Magazine

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