Monday, March 31, 2014

My "Friends With Benefit" Story

When I was in college I had a Macy's right down the street from me. I'm talking a less than one minute walk... Naturally my favorite section has always been where all the purses and designer bags are. But then I discovered the bright pink Benefit Cosmetics station. You know, the one with all the awesome packaging.... Love at first sight. Then I got my first product sample: a cream shadow in the shade "R.S.V.P" and it was love at first try! 
Four years later and many, many "They're Real!" Mascaras later, it is still my favorite place to visit when I'm downtown. I make special trips just to go see what's new because the Benefit website and Instagram just tease me.
As I was searching today I came across a new promotion they are doing. You can build your own kit with top-selling products for $79. They put the kit picks into three categories and you can choose one out of six or more choices! Here is the link
I recommend everyone does this! It's such a good deal and you even get a free sample and a cute bag to put your products in. Yes please..

The products I chose are (blog post with reviews coming soon!!)

The POREfessional 
Watts up! (Thanks Mom for the recommendation)
They're Real! Mascara (Because I use so much of this, why not get another!?)
A Creaseless cream shadow in the shade "Birthday Suit" (Which is a pretty chrome color that I am so excited about)

Alright, now send me your kit picks!! Happy shopping :) -C

Friday, March 21, 2014

Spring Style & Wendy’s® #NewSaladCollection: Pt. 1

One of my entries for the Wendy's Contest that is going on over on Polyvore! Check it out here.  Who knows... you may find yourself a winner and $1000 richer! I would love that money to score some great spring items that I have been swooning over! Good luck to all those that enter! ~J

Spring Style & Wendy’s® #NewSaladCollection: Pt. 1

Coast lace top
$91 -

Vero Moda green jacket
$28 -

By Malene Birger pencil skirt
$120 -

High heel shoes
$115 -

Rebecca Minkoff satchel handbag

Saturday, March 15, 2014

St. Patrick's Day Nails

Hi everyone! Saint Patrick's Day is only two days away. How will you put a little touch of Irish into your day? Instead of throwing on that sweater that is tucked away in the drawer... you know the one... the only green piece of clothing you own... the one you wear every St. Paddy's Day! How about mixing it up a bit this year with some fun nails for the holiday. I loved these nails that were styled by @majikbeenz. I found them on Pinterest and wanted to share them. I don't think that they are too difficult to duplicate if you have the right colors. The polish shown were the colors that were used. If you feel like you're not that talented, and can't duplicate the look, I think just green sparkly nails using Butter London's "Swinger" would look great. ~J

St. Patrick's Day Nails

Essie nail polish
$13 -

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Oh, Chanel

Chanel's Paris Fall-Winter 2014 show had it going on! The set was a grocery store with grocery items all having their own little Chanel flair. The models aka the most chic shoppers, all had neon eye liner and awesome ponytails with long ribbons and textures to go with their outfits. How fun is that!?
The items that stood out most to me were the bags: some were made as if the purses were packaged steak in plastic and styrofoam. Others carried purses in Chanel ribbon lined shopping baskets. For jewelry, one model had this huge Chanel lock and chain necklace, another with two smaller neon colored locks: awesome. And I can't forget about one of my favorite childhood accessories: rope candy necklace with little Chanel charms (can be seen closer on *Eva Chen's Instagram). 
Overall, I loved the idea and the execution of the show. Everyone looked like they had a blast... and I want to know if people got to take home set items! I wouldn't mind a little Chanel in my kitchen! -C
*Eva Chen is the Editor-In-Chief of Lucky Magazine

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