Thursday, December 19, 2013

I am just a girl with ideas~

 I came across this art set I made on Polyvore awhile back and 
 and realized how much I miss doing them. I love the title because this is how 
I have been feeling lately. I am overwhelmed with ideas
but I don't seem to accomplish any of them! 
Perhaps I can blame it on the holiday season and the
hundreds of things I still have left to do!! xo 

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Trending In My Town

Are you feeling trendy lately? If you find yourself wearing riding boots, cropped sweaters or pyramid bracelets than you are!!  **I included some Jane Iredale products in this set. I was
lucky enough to be able to try all the products pictured below and more. I wanted to use them for a couple months before I write a review. Hopefully I can post it before Christmas. Thanks for stopping by :-) xo

Trending In My Town

High neck sweater
$55 -

Burberry skinny jeans

Burberry equestrian boots

Charlotte Russe gold bangle

Red Herring hair accessory
$7.80 -