Monday, October 21, 2013

Everybody Loves Eva

I loved this article written by Tyler McCall for  I am a huge Eva Chen fan and was so excited when she became the new editor-in-chief of Lucky magazine. Eva has so much knowledge and is never shy about sharing it with her followers. I hope you enjoy this informative article as much as I did...   
We’re not shy about our affection for new Lucky editor-in-chief Eva Chen, who’s so in-tune with the way we consume fashion in the digital age. So on the eve of her first Lucky FABB(the FABB stands for Fashion and Beauty Blog, FYI) conference–next week, October 24 and 25!–we had to catch up with the EIC to hear what she’s cooked up for her debut effort.
Of course, this isn’t Chen’s first conference. “I was lucky enough to attend the Los Angeles Lucky FABB session in April, and I loved it,” she tells us. “I thought the energy was so fantastic; it’s a great group of girls and guys, and everyone was so excited and happy to be there.”
Chen is putting her own Lucky FABB experience to good use. “It was a great thing to be a part of, so when I started thinking about this Lucky FABB–especially because it’s in New York–we really wanted to put something together that was special,” she tells us. “It feels really great to pull together this fantastic group of speakers.”
“It’s a great mashup of a lot of different things, and I loved curating this group,” she continues happily. “It was just people who I was friends with and that I want to hang out with anyway, and then I get to put them all in a room together and have 300-plus Luckyfans be able to listen to their stories.”
So with that in mind, Chen is bringing together some serious heavy hitters: Celeb pals (and recent Lucky cover girls!) Kate Bosworth and Eva Mendes will be chatting about their style on and off the red carpet: “To have both of them there talking about their personal style is a real powerhouse, exciting thing for us,” Chen says.
And of course, this being Lucky FABB, bloggers like Into the Gloss’s Emily Weiss and Man Repeller’s Leandra Medine will talk about building their blogs and finding success online. But Chen sounds most proud of a new part of Lucky FABB that they’re calling the Founders Series. “I want people to feel that this whole wide universe of opportunity is out there for them,” Chen says of the new addition.
“I wanted people to hear these stories from people who are not that much older than the average Lucky FABB attendee. From founders who have these incredible stories and how they got to where they are, mistakes they made, and what they wish they’d known.”
We just had one last question–any last-minute nerves? “In terms of sitting up in front of a room full of 300-plus people who are furiously Tweeting and Instagramming away, yes,” Chen admits. “I’m more nervous about social media fails. But otherwise I’m not too nervous!”  Article credit: Tyler McCall for

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