Saturday, October 26, 2013

eBay Stress

It seems that all of us have bid on eBay at one time or another. Usually it is very exciting... Who doesn't love waiting in anticipation for an item to end to see if you've won. Today I am doing just that. Unfortunately, it is not really exciting but rather stressful. Last night at about 2 in the morning while I was unable to sleep I decided to poke around on eBay to see what I could find. The first thing I looked for was actually a pair of boots that I have wanted since last year...You heard me right... last year! What an amazing find and in my size too. So I decided I have to have these boots. I bid $40 over the starting price. Things were looking good until this afternoon when I was outbid by someone. Imagine the nerve of them. Do they not know how long I have waited to have these boots?! Seriously a***a... what is wrong with you? How could you outbid me!?! Now I am forced to watch this auction to the end and bid the highest price that I am willing to pay.  Can you say~ STRESS!!  ***For everyone that wanted to know... I WON the auction!! (new boots will be here on Tuesday or Wednesday :-)

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  1. It's definitely stressful the wait to see if you won the bid, but when you do it's so exited!!!
    love your blog dear, I think your doing amazing. lets stay in touch!